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Car suspension and rollover accidents

Posted on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 at 8:27 pm    

shutterstock_132431864Car suspension refers to the system of springs, linkages, and shock absorbers that connect the tires to the vehicle’s frame. Its main purpose is to provide the car with stable steering by reducing the car’s vertical acceleration, or the movement of the car’s frame perpendicular to the road whenever the tires interact with a bump or while navigating a curve.

However, a faulty car suspension decreases the car’s ability to absorb upward motion whenever the tires strike a speck in the road, or whenever the car accelerates, brakes, or corners while traveling a curved path. According to the website of the Willis Law Firm, a team of SUV rollover lawyers, this and other automotive defects like it makes the car more prone to damaging rollover accidents.

Unfortunately, several manufacturers of car suspension components have been falling short in keeping their products within safety standards, resulting in numerous recalls and devastating rollover accidents over the past few years.