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Medical Bill Payment for Pending Personal Injury Cases

Posted on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 at 10:06 pm    

personal-injury-lawyer-houstonA personal injury case typically takes between one and two years to reach a conclusion, whether in a settlement or a trial, although it will really depend on many circumstances. One of the crucial elements of a personal injury case is the medical records and prognosis of the doctor that will prove the extent of the injury, present and future medical expenses, probability of long-term care, and other medically-related documents. But before these documents can be produced, it would follow that medical treatment has been performed. The question is who pays for medical expenses when the case is still pending?

It rarely happens that the medical care facility will agree to wait until the personal injury case is resolved before demanding payment, so the bills will need to be paid. Sometimes, the insurance company of the liable party may agree to pay for the immediate medical expenses as part of a settlement agreement, but in most cases, the injured party relies on health insurance to cover these costs. Just because the medical expenses have been, it does not mean that the personal injury case is nullified, however. But it may turn out that when damages are awarded, the health insurance may ask to be paid back. In cases when private health insurance is not available, other options include workers’ compensation, personal injury protection car insurance (required in some states), or state and federal government assistance programs.

This is an area where a personal injury lawyer, like those at Williams Kherkher, can really come in handy even before a case is filed. Sources of funding will be one of the initial tasks of a competent personal injury lawyer, who will know exactly how to go about it so that the client won’t have to blunder along clueless. The lawyer will also ensure that the payments are correctly accounted for in anticipation of reimbursement when the case is resolved so that no overpayments are made. With the immediate medical expenses managed properly, the lawyer can now concentrate on getting just compensation for the client’s injury, pain and suffering.